Am I drinking paint thinner or coffee with screws?

I have been writing this blog for a few years.  The name Screws In my coffee comes from an experience that I had when I was taking painting classes at San Diego State College (now the University of San Diego).  In the painting studio, I would be painting and when I would take a break I would go to the communal coffee area and get a styrofoam cup of coffee.  Sometimes I would use a styrofoam cup to also mix paint or clean my brushes.

On one occasion I got confused and during a break in my painting I picked up a cup of paint thinner thinking it was coffee because it was brown.  I took a sip and I thought to myself, this is either bad coffee or I am drinking paint thinner.

Later in life when I was working at a church camp up in the San Bernadino mountains a similar mistake was made.  I was removing the rust from some screws and bolts in a coffee cup.  Well, you can guess what happened.  I accidentally started to dring from the cup full of screws and as the liquid started to approach my lips, I saw the screws.