At this point in my life, I guess I can really come out and define what I believe. I don’t always wear my beliefs and convictions on my sleeve, but every once in a while I have to stand up and just scream it. I am an emotional person and a graphic artist so I guess that gives me the latitude to display this point of view graphically.

This declaration started when I was researching the drawing for today in my Picadilly 200 Drawing Prompts book. I have been doing one sketch for each day of the year in 2020. I am documenting these sketches on my Launi Graphics web site. The drawing prompt for day Number 169 was “Your Favorite Sign” I drew a dark-skinned version of Bob’s big boy with dreadlocks. Today’s drawing prompt (I am a few days behind) is number 170, Rastafarian.

So of course my brain went sideways while drinking my morning coffee. I usually use the Google search to get ideas for my sketch and of course, the Flying Spaghetti Monster Wikipedia page came up first. So now we are up to date on why I am writing this blog post. Whew!

During this time of worldwide pandemic, social distancing, racial and political strife, I have taken a few steps back to observe myself and what I am BEING as a human walking on this planet. I have always pointed more fingers back at myself when pointing out my perceived flaws in the world around me. My dad was a preacher and my mom was a teacher so I grew up rebelling against religion, schools and anytype of organized institutions that was based on conformity.

Ironically I was just another conformist when I came down from the mountains after a few years with an alternative religious group, got a job, got married, and had kids like everybody else. What I never got use to was being around the same people all of the time. I really like diversity, even when it makes me nervous. i am a very curious person so I always want to know how this got made or why things are the way that they are.

I got lots of answers to these types of questions when I was growing up. My mom had lots of books int he house and I could read a lot. When I wanted to talk about the the universe and how it was created my dad would answer scientific questions about how things were created. you may be surprised that my dad did not lay down the God created the universe in seven days myth. My dad started of right from the start telling me that the concept of God was beyond time and space and that the book that most western religions call the Bible was man’s interpretation of what they thought and how the universe came into being. He told me that the Bible was written by men and was meant to be used for guidance in living a good life.

These words that my dad told me have stuck with me for a very long time. I visited the Grand Canyon several times with my dad as a child and as an adult. On my first visit, I asked him why people believed that God created the universe in seven days and here we are at the Grand Canyon and it took millions of years to be created by erosion. It was then that his explanation of time and space started to make sense. He told me that the Bible was written to explain very complex things in simple terms so that the people at the time that it was written could understand it. God is beyond time and space did not have any concept about how lone it would take to “create” the universe, but to humans on one tiny planet, it would.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

I cannot say when I discovered the Flying Spaghetti Monster movement, or when I decided that I would formally identify with it. This is the first time that I have publically written about it and taken a photograph of myself with a pasta strainer on my head. When I read about what is going on in the world especially in the United States, I sort of have to throw up my hands and say oh well. I have always thought that this planet was getting better and the humans that were on it were going to eventually get along, just like in my favorite science fiction shows and movies.

Now that I am retired and have no energy to go out and change the world, I can find peace and solace in the beliefs of Flying Spaghetti Monster.