Lonnie Wormley standing in front of a golf course pond.

Today is Monday, so the golf course is closed to golfers. the landscaping crew uses Monday to fix all of the damage done to the course during the rest of the week. since my retirement, I have not walked across the course in the daytime.

A group of women doing a social distancing morning walk on the golf course

When I was running a few years back before my hip replacement I would run around the course in the morning and in the evening when it was dark. I loved running on the soft grass and up and down the bluffs. Later when I was riding bikes I would take my mountain bike on the course and ride the rough area of the course under the trees. This was a great workout and I was never far from home and I could be “off-road”

This wonderful redwood tree grew this tall in just a few days, My cell phone reception is no better since it got here, so I guess it is only members only

Today it was nice to be out on the course in the cool morning and enjoy watching the sun create long shadows over the dew-covered grass.

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