Today for the first time in 2 weeks I had to go shopping at Sam’s Club. The last time I was in Sam’s Club I was wearing a mask and Goggles and there was no one in sight that was protected. This time when I went to Sam’s Club they were a few of people that were wearing mask and gloves but the majority of the people were not observing any type of social distancing and they were not wearing any type of protection face or hand protection.

I cover my hair and my ears. I wear goggles that seal against my face to protect my eyes. I am wearing a face mask that has a ventilator that allows me to breath out without pushing the mask away from my face so that when I breathe in the ventilator closes and air can only come through the filter. My body is completely covered and I have disposable gloves on. I take all of these gear off before entering my house. My truck interior like the seat, after a few hours, will be decontaminated because of the heat generated from sitting in the sun.

Albany, Georgia and Dougherty County Georgia are the hotspot for a large portion of the COVID-19 cases in the state of Georgia for the population density in this rural area. If you look at any other statistics or any of the graphs it shows that Albany Georgia has the highest number of colonel virus cases and the state. It amazes me that there are a lot of people that are still walking ran like there’s nothing to be afraid of and are not taking this seriously.

Sylvia watched some YouTube videos that discussed how to decontaminate your food packaging after you shop. I will post one article to reference scientific facts about COVID-19, but I would strongly suggest that you educate yourself and take the precautions that you feel best to meet your needs.

Neeltje van Doremalen, a virologist at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), and her colleagues at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Montana, have done some of the first tests of how long Sars-CoV-2 can last for on different surfaces. Their study, which has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that the virus could survive in droplets for up to three hours after being coughed out into the air. Fine droplets between 1-5 micrometres in size – about 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair – can remain airborne for several hours in still air.

It means that the virus circulating in unfiltered air conditioning systems will only persist for a couple of hours at the most, especially as aerosol droplets tend to settle on surfaces faster in disturbed air.

But the NIH study found that the Sars-CoV-2 virus survives for longer on cardboard – up to 24 hours – and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces. (Learn how to clean your mobile phone properly.)

Covid-19: How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces?

By Richard Gray17th March 2020

Only time will tell if all of the protocols that I am following are really working. This blog post is just letting you know what I’ve done to protect myself while shopping at Sam’s Club. If it works you’ll hear more from me, and if it doesn’t well, you will not.