Web Services Black Ops Movie List
Web Services Black Ops Movie List

I have this quote from the great basketball coach of the UCLA Bruins, John Wooden in my personal email signature.

It is what you learn after you think that you know it all that matters.
                                                                            ~John Wooden

Today I am wandering past another milepost in my life of learning. I am teaching myself how to create web applications using ASP.net Razor Pages. I started my computer programming trek way back in the last century with Microsoft’s Visual Basic. I have journeyed through the land of Dot Net Nuke C# development. I have played in the park of PHP and MySQL. Now I am finally back completing the circle with the latest version of Microsoft’s development tools.

If you want to check out what I have been building head on over to the Web Services Black Ops Movies website. The site is up as of June 9, 2019, at 7:00 PM. If you want to help testing it feel free to add a movie title to the list. This simple site is the result of me following the well documented ASP.NET Core tutorial that Microsoft has on their website.

What I really like about the way Microsoft has evolved is that a lot of their focus in the last few years has been directed towards the developer community. I have an account on the Azure portal. In the past, I have worked in data centers managing servers of all types. Having access to a cloud data center where I can spin up a Linux server or a Windows SQL server in a few minutes is amazing. The web application that I just developed is running in the Azure cloud as an application service. I did not have to put it on a server. I did not have to create a database server. All of the computing resources are supplied and managed by the Azure portal. All I had to do was create my web application, configure database services and load my data using Visual Studio Community edition from my computer. Visual Studio Community is a free software development tool that is free. Microsoft used to only sell a very expensive version of this software that only ran on Windows. Now Visual Studio comes in several versions that are free and it runs on a Mac and Linux based computers.

I really like learning new stuff. I had plenty of time this weekend to stay out of the rain and take a break from my outdoor projects and sit at home and nerd out.