Lonnie mowing the font yard

Cutting the
Perennial Ryegrass

My wife Sylvia knows a lot about plants, the soil web and how to grow stuff. I like to rent machines to do stuff outside. We make a good team when it comes to yard work. I have rented the Billy Goat Outback from Sunbelt Rentals a lot since we purchased our home in Albany Georgia.

I started using it to clear the brush on our 2-acre lot shortly after we purchased the property in 2011. At that time we had lots of trees and I had fun making paths through all of the brush. Over time we cultivated a lot of the native plants and let them grow in areas that we wanted them and I would mow over them in areas that we wanted to be clear. This weekend was the first time that I mowed since the big hurricane took out most of our trees. We took about 35 trees from our lot due to direct blow down from the storm or trees that were damaged by other falling trees hitting them.

BC26 Series Outback
BC26 Series Outback® Brushcutter 26” Hydro Drive Brushcutter

Clean Slate for a new design

Last winter Sylvia sowed lost of Perennial Ryegrass. Cutting the ryegrass was fun and it reminded me of mowing hay and grass on a tractor on the ranch that I use to own in Texas. I like just mowing grass, it is fun for me.

Revealing the land from the thick blanket of ryegrass which in some places was 3 feet tall was amazing. We have been wondering what we were going to do with our yard since the original plan for the yard has been scrapped because it was dependant on the lush forest of trees on our lot. Now that the grass is a bit shorter we can continue our assessment of the yard and start making new plans for installing irrigation and fiking the pavement damaged by tree removal. Our design adventure continues.