So in the year 2016, I started working on setting up a new graphics website to display my artwork and house a store.  I started the site redesign around the holidays late in 2016 and through new year in 2017.  I was recuperating from a broken hip so I had time off from work to focus on the project.  Well, I went back to work and started exercising when I could walk without a walker and the personal web design got dropped to the bottom of the task list.

Well, I am happy to say that I finally have a presentable and working website for my artwork.  The new site is Launi Art,  I moved all of my personal web development to Word Press.  I slowly transitioned away from any web freelance work so that I could focus on my home renovations and my artwork.  I have so many ideas for projects besides drawing and painting that I want to do. Having a working store is a real milestone for me.  I am using WooCommerce for my store.  It was easy to set up and test.

So as you can see it takes me a long time to get a new years resolution completed.  I like making up my own goals and games in life.  I am much harder on myself that you would think when making up my games.  One of the games that I played in 2015 after being almost killed by a motorist while riding to work in 2014, was to ride my bike 10,000 miles in one year.  I did it, but I did not have time to do anything else that year but ride, work, eat and sleep. New Year’s resolutions can be a burden to some, but I enjoy them because I know that I can make them up facer the challenge of doing them.

Getting this website up was a labor of love that spanned a few years.  I am as you would expect never finished with a website.  It will evolve, change and grow from here on out, but I am happy with it for now.

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