Stop killing the environment around your home.

Do you use chemicals on your yard to kill weeds and promote grass growth?  Do you throw news paper and cardboard in the trash?  If you do any of these things and want to help make the earth a better place for all life, consider the methods that +Sylvia Wormley is doing in our yard.

I worked 17 days straight working on the new ASU Website. So today on my first full day off in a long time I helped my wife continue her work a bed in our front yard that is home to a privacy hedge that boarders our property on the east side.  We are using organic methods to make a nice home for privets that we are moving from places in our yard to form a privacy screen.  I want to do more research as to the specific type of privet that we are planting.

Loading up the truck with compost from Lawn Barber in Terrell County, GA

Building healthy soil

The first layer of the bed is compost.  The second layer is newspaper or cardboard which gives carbon to the soil as it breaks down.  The third layer is the mulch that we have been given for free from a tree service.

Sylvia Wormley getting ready to build good soil.

This is a hole for a new tree.  compost is added to the bottom of the hole.

Cardboard from Amazon shipping is used to block the grass and to add carbon to the soil as it breaks down.

Then I add a three inch layer of mulch on top.

Design like nature

One thing I like about working with natural materials in the yard is that when we are finished the bed it looked like it was meant to be there.  Yards that have bright read wood chips do not break down and nourish the plants.  Pine straw looks really nice, but it does not prevent weeds from poking through.  Sylvia and I promote weeds or dandelions.  We put dandelion leaves on our salads.