This is the first node in the cluster showing the size as three.

I usually do not struggle getting something to work on a server.  I wanted to get a MariaDB 10.1 cluster going for development purposes and to learn more about clusters.  I started following documentation on CentOs7 for about 2 weeks and then gave up.  Then I switched to Ubuntu and struggled for another two weeks.  then this morning I got my three node cluster working.

I basically took parts of my CentOs 7 knowledge and combined it with the Ubuntu knowledge.  Getting the first node up on Ubuntu was easy, I never got it working on CentOs 7.  Getting the other two nodes to join the cluster was hard.  Today I decided to copy the main cluster config to the other nodes and started MariaDB and they joined.

Now I can move on and start my Udemy classes

BTW, I have been working on this project instead of drawing in the morning and evening before and after work.