I finished another drawing. I started the drawing on July 9, 2016 and finished it today on October 2, 2016.  I worked on this drawing almost every day in the early mornings before work.  I have not been on my bike commute routine since work started on this drawing.  I have posted my progress on this drawing on my Google Plus Artwork Collection. I also put all of the progress photos in a Google Photo Album.
I made several notes on the back of my drawing as usual.  I have titled this self portrait “A Maze for the eyes” because most of my artwork is designed for close inspection.  I like to create visual puzzles and mazes for your eye to follow and get lost while you gaze at the drawing.
This is the last drawing that I will complete before I focus on building frames and cutting mats for all of my artwork.  I am preparing for an art show and I hope to get all of my existing artwork framed mad at so that I can display it an art show next year.