This year my cycling miles are not what they were last year.  I am making good use of my time when I am not riding my bike.  I am drawing more and I am finally making some headway into developing my computer skills.  I have two VmWare EXSi 6.0 host and I have set up a Domain Controller, IIS server and MS SQL database.  I have also set up a separate VLAN and wireless network for all of these servers.  My goal is to get a SharePoint server up and running as well.

I am a self taught learner and I like to dive in and figure out stuff by doing it.  As the information on the Internet increases is is almost impossible to find a limit to what you want to learn by watching a YouTube video or reading a Blog posting.  The way my brain works may seem strange to most, but while some folks find peace in meditation or reading a book, I find relaxation when I listen to music while drawing or while I configure servers and develop web applications.

I am also using a CentOs 7 desktop to access and manage all of these servers.  I have decided to once again migrate my primary desktop back to Linux.  I recently had to rebuild a failed Windows 10 desktop laptop that had a failed solid state drive.  That experience forced me to set up a new Windows desktop for my wife and start backing it up using Windows backup on an external drive.  I decided to move my desktop to a Linux environment.  All of my files are on Google Drive, but I still clung to the Adobe Creative Suite products.  I may finally give them up, but for now I am going to stay with CentOs 7 for my primary desktop.

My current web development environment is on my private network, but I am planning on making the SharePoint site public soon. I will publish Windows and Linux based websites.