I have decided to learn more about computer networking.  I have always had a small network in my home.  I first started to learn networking when I set up a Linux and BSD server back in the last century.  I got a phone modem and connected to the Internet and set up my first web server.  When I upgraded to an always on DSL connection I started to learn more about networking.

Today I setup my first VLAN on my home network using Meraki gear.  I have a MX64 security appliance and a MS220-80 switch along with some wireless access points on my network.  I am setting up some virtual servers so I decided to put them on a separate VLAN.  The nice thing about the MX64 is that it allows me to set up VLANs and have a DHCP server for each VLAN.

I am going to set up a Microsoft server environment to keep up with the latest server technology.  I will be setting up a SharePoint development environment and some ASP.net web servers.  I will post more of my experiments here later.