I am planning a camping trip this weekend.  It is not a real back woods camping trip. but +Sylvia Wormley and I will be sleeping in a tent with other cyclists in downtown Columbus, GA.  This will be the first time that I have been camping since I have been in the information age.  My last camping experience was way back in 2004 in Big Bend Texas.  At the time I only had a Motorola Razor flip phone.

So now I have a smart phone, blue tooth speaker and a navigation device for my bike to keep charged.  So how do you keep stuff charged up when you do not have an electrical wall socket handy?  Well option one is that I will leave my devices inside of my truck and use the always on power adapters to charge them.  The other option is to use a portable car battery booster.  I was cleaning out my workshop and found my battery charger that

I had not used since I had my trailer.  I thought the battery was dead when it did not hold a charge after leaving it plugged in for two days.  I just checked it today and after two weeks of charging the light comes on using battery power and the status button shows it to be fully charged.  I do not know how long this will last charging my mobile devices, but I will sue it during the Georgia Bike Fest in Columbus, GA. camping adventure.

I think I purchased the PowerPro Quipp auto power 600A | 22Ah from WalMart.  It has a led acid battery so it may not have a lot of life.  I may have to purchase a replacement that is newer that has a gell cell or dry battery.  For now I will use this until it fails.

PowerPro Quipp auto power 600A | 22Ah
When unpluged from wall power the batter shows a full charge.