Today I went on a trail run on the Albany to Sasser rials to trails right of way.  I was supposed to meet some of the board members at the Fussell Road section, but I was late for the 9 AM start time.  I had my trail running shoes and my pack so I decided to do a little run.

The trail is not like most of the trails that I have run.  In fact it is not a trail, it is more like a road that has road base on it.  i have run some really rough trails so this was not too bad to run on.  I ran about 2 miles in just past a railroad bridge to where the road based ended.  I turned around and ran back to my truck parked on Fussell Road.

I may bring my mountain bike next time to get further into the trail next time.  Anyway I had a nich hot sweaty morning run and was happy to see some progress on the pathway from Albany to Sasser.