We are finally getting the hardwood floors installed in our home.  the white carpet that we have been using from the existing owners has finally got the boot order.  When we first bought the house the carpet was so bad that I thought +Sylvia Wormley was crazy for wanting to keep it until we could afford to replace it.  Well it cleaned up really nice so it lasted four years.  now we are going to replace it with some nice maple flooring.

We went to Columbus, GA to the Lumber Liquidators to get the flooring today.  As usual I get excited when I get to haul a heavy load with my truck.  I hate using a ball hitch trailer, but thanks to some schoolin’ from +Dean Lackey I can back up a trailer with confidence.

I nailed backing the truck up our curvy driveway perfectly into our garage door so that unloading the wood would be easy.  It was raining so I wrapped the precious cargo with two tarps.  I did not know what a wind tarp was until I met +Sylvia Wormley.  Wind tarps are great because they let the wild pass over your load and prevent it from ripping plants or your rain tarp.  The wood flooring arrived at our house dry as a bone.

Who needs the gym.  I got two hours of upper arm and core workout unloading 4,300 pounds of wood flooring from the trailer.