Today I am un-rooting my wife’s Spring Galaxy S III.  She got tired of the Blue custom ROM and wanted to see the normal phone again before switching to SmarTTtalk.

I have shied away from messing with phone operating systems for some time.  When my wife first got the phone a few years ago she did not like the way it worked so a friend of mine, +Noore Ghunaym rooted it to Jelly Bomb.  Thus this was the start of my getting dragged kicking and screaming into the mobile phone ROM rabbit hole.

I hope that after today’s exercise I will never have to go down this road again. It took me a while to wade through all of the stupid web sites that say they have the correct software to do this but they have links to the software wrapped in male-ware.  I finally got the source links to get the job done.  This guide was very helpful and I followed it after I had Odin and the correct firmware downloaded.  After the rOM upgrade I had a “Uids on the System are Inconsistent” error on re-boot.  I got a little nervous at first knowing that if I bricked my wife’s phone I was in for a long weekend.  Fortunately the solution was simple, I just did a factory reset and cleared the data and system cache.

Seeing the Sprint Logo and the prompts to add the Google account on the phone made me happy.  She has the phone now and is adding her account information.  I hope she can make calls on it in a few minutes.