When I first started using Apache way back in the previous century I used Apache Server Side Includes (SSI).  Today I decided to fire up this old technology on my development server.

I am reading a HTML  5 Forms book and so I am creating a lot of pages using the Linux VI editor.  Coding web pages in a terminal allows me to learn and examine code examples by typing them.  One thing that I did not want to do is develop a bunch of pages that did not have any navigation.  I chose to utilize SSI to load a simple menu file onto my example form pages.

My simple main page.  Menu SSI is at the top.  SSI server time is at the bottom.

SSI code to include local time on my page.
Form from Chapter 1 with the SSI menu.
Code view showing the SSI include for the menu file.
Header of the form in Chapter 3 with new CSS3 features.  SSI menu is at the top.