I put an American flag of my porch today.  My dad was in the US Air Force.  He was a radio man.  My dad passed away on 4/1/2004 and this flag was draped on his coffin when he was planted.  I have had this flag folded in a box for 10 years.  I decided to take it out and construct a make shift pole out of some electrical conduit and zip ties that I had in my garage and display it for the Fourth of July.

I rmember as a kid my dad and my uncle Foncel always displayed the flag on national holidays.  I remebe being taught how to take the flag out of the holder on our porch in South Central LA and roll it up after displaying it all day.  My dad told me to never let the flag touch the groun so I was very careful.

As I drive or ride my bike around SW Georgia I see a lot of US flags on nice poles in yards.  Well now I have a bigger flag than any of those homes on my front porch.  Version 2.0 may be a real pole in the yard.

I am proud to be a Freakin’ American!