After may years of procrastination, I finally redrew my Launi Art logo in Adobe Illustrator. Another project completed because I am not out on a bicycle riding my life away. This logo was originally used to sign all of my artwork as far back as 1968. I was using this logo before the redesigned Adobe Acrobat “A”.

I was inspired to design this logo after a coworker purchased a rotatory engine Mazda and he explained to me how it worked. The engine had 6 cylinders, I thought it would be cool if I could draw a looping star with seven points, or the path for a seven cylinder engine. I took the inspiration from the ability that a 5 point star could be drawn with a continuous line that started and ended at the same point. A six pointed star was drawn using two triangles layered on top of each other with the points of one rotated. I wanted to do an odd numbered star so the 7 pointed star logo was born.

When I sign artwork I combine this 7 pointed star with a modified infinity loop that I break to make a fish. I read this icon as Star Fish. Not sure if this is a legal trade marked signature, but that is what I use to sign my artwork.

So here is the Launi Star logo

Launi Art logo

Here is the Star Fish logo.

Star Fish logo

Here is a typical signature on one of my color pencil drawings.

Lonnie Wormley’s artwork signature.

The spelling of my name on artwork was derived from the Hawaiian surfers that I hung out when I was growing up with in San Diego.  They told me that I spelled my name wrong and that I should change it from Lonnie to Lani which means heaven or sky in the Hawaiian language.  I chose to add a U in the name and thus Launi was what I decided to use on my drawings and other artwork.  The Star Fish logo has two meanings, starfish from the sea and star fish from the sky.  The ocean meeting the sky is symbolic for infinity.

Yeah, I just thought there were folks out there that were just dying to know what the heck was up with my signature.  Well this is what Blogging is about, personal information posted to the Internet.