I wanted to post some ideas for reverse flow smokers.  there are a lot of sites that sell plans for building a reverse flow smoker.  I wanted to list some of those resources here for future refrence.

Types of Smokers Explained

  1. Good read from the Smoke Ring forum about smoker design.

Reverse Flow Smoker Plans

  1. Smoker Builder
  2. Smoker Plans
  3. Propane Tank

My favorite commercial is the Lang 84

Basic Reverse Flow Made From 250 Gallon Propane Tank

This is a 250 gallon Reverse Smoker design used by competitors in BBQ competition all over world. This smoker is seasoned and ready to cater to huge crowds, BBQ business, or around the house. This baby has 2 racks for cooking. Firebox has heavy duty coal/wood basket. Has propane burner on trailer for frying, boiling…… Temp gauges are top of the line and accurate. Trailer lights, safety chain, and tongue lock included. Clamps keep door nice and tightly closed when cooking, or traveling. Original for sale ad is here.