Linksys E4200

Today I finally fixed a problem with my Linksys E4200 router.  Some time ago I turned on the HTTPS feature.  At the time I believed that this would add a layer of security to my network.  Even though I rarely accessed my router configuration I did it anyway.

Well fast forward a few years and I wanted to make some changes.  Low and behold I could no longer access my router via the HTTPS web interface.  I tried to access the router from three operating systems  using four different browsers.  Finally I read a tip on the Linksys forums that lead me to a solution.  Someone posted that the problem was with the self signed certificate on the router which led all of the latest browsers to block access to the site.  The fix was to use an older browser to access the router.

I do not have a Windows XP machine or any computer that was running an older browser from say 2008.  What I did was build a temporary Windows Server 2008 and used that stock browser to change my router’s configuration to remove the HTTPS for access.  Now I can access the web interface from any browser.

What this experience has shown me is that all of my home computing systems must be constantly updated and maintained just like the systems that I maintain at work.  Home life is not supposed to be this complicated, geez.