Working on some of my artwork using
Adobe PhotoShop CS6

Here are my goals for this year.  These goals are personal goals and are not intended to replace any of my normal goals for being the best that I can be in all of my relationships.  I have found that I can have fun playing a game with my life and setting goals that I want to achieve.  Sometimes I make my goals and sometimes I do not, but I still am inspired to go for my dreams.

  1. I rode 8,000 miles in 2013.  My goal was to ride 6,000 miles.  In 2014 I want to ride 10,000 miles.  I have not ridden 10,000 miles since about the mid 1990’s.
  2. I will not drink soda with corn syrup this year.  I will not have sugary drinks during my lunch.
  3. I will ride my bike at least 5 miles each day.
  4. I will frame at least 5 of my pictures.
  5. I will sell at least one print of my artwork.