I finished a number of lighting projects this weekend at the homestead.  These projects have been hanging around for a long time.  +Sylvia Wormley wanted a ceiling fan over the kitchen table.  She also wanted the chandelier moved from above the kitchen table into the entryway.  When we bought the home there were some old T12 florescent bulb lights present. I replaced them with some cheap odd sized florescent bulbs soon after we moved in.  The replacement lighting did not last long so version one of the under counter lighting was replaced with version two lighting, LED lights.

Old school switch plate covers.

 I am also going to replace all of the old lighting switches from the old school plates and flippers.  When I painted the walls I painted the cover plates as a temporary measure for dealing with the faded bone colored fixtures.

New school switch plate covers

The new covers will include the modern square switches with the flat rocker flipper.