I normally do not wake up at 4:30 AM on the weekends.  This weekend is the second weekend that I have to work on a special project in the data center.   Since I did not want to go back to sleep and I am taking a break from cycling because of a minor skin rash, I decided to watch some Netflix.

One show I like a lot is New Girl.  I started watching it when I had cable but only saw a few episodes.  Now I am watching the first season and I really enjoy it.  New Girl has all the elements for a good comedy show, a quirky main character who is so Lucy like in her mannerisms and a good supporting cast.  The show also makes me laugh and think in each episode.  The humor always has a focus and sometimes it makes me tear up.

The next show that I just discovered today is called Hit & Miss.  This is a show that not everyone will like, but it has all of the elements that I like in a good action drama.  First of all in the pilot someone gets killed in the first two minutes, so  that means that I will most likely like it.  The main thing that draws me into this drama is the subject matter and the way that British stories are written with what seems like a careless abandon that does not follow what I sometimes see as normal.  I like the fact that when I watch entertainment that is written and produced outside of the United States I will always get a different view of my world. I am not going to give any details about this show, but if you like intense dramas that delve into social issues then you will love this show.  I just watched two episodes and had to tear myself away from watching a third.