I am at a place in my life where I am health and happy. Getting to this state was no accident. I have had to listen and learn and I have had to turn a deaf ear to a lot of advice along my journey.
My eating  and exercise habits are at the heart of my health. Before continuing I will state what you should written by an author or speaker that offers health advice, This is what works for me. I eat what I want and I exercise because it is fun.
I was in a conversation with some close friends as we were watching the 2013 Tour de France. The discussion topic drifted to long distance cycling. I mentioned how I would love to do the Ride Across America. The reaction from some was that it would be like torture to ride that long. This morning as I was riding my 50 mile commute I thought about what experiences that others would enjoy that I would think were torture. A few came to mind.
1. Going to church
2. Listening to Yanni
3. Discussing politics
4. Swimming laps in a pool.
I eat as health as I can afford and tolerate. For example I juice organic fruits an vegetables and I eat Pay Day candy bars on long bike rides. I eat organic eggs and Malt-o-Meal imitation Captain Crunch for breakfast. I get protein from pork chop biscuits or Greek yogurt and organic whey powder.
This mash up diet is what keeps me healthy and happy. If I ate what folks say is good for me I would not be happy. What is the point of having health if you have no love for life? There has to be a balance and everybody has to find their own balance. Sometimes my balance will swing too far in a direction that does not work so I adjust. I listen to my body and it generally tells me what is working and what is not working.
Well, gotta end this and finish my ride to work.