When I was doing my marathon driving on my way home from Lincoln, Nebraska to Albany Georgia I stopped on the interstate to take these pictures.

 I had spotted the beauty of these fields of grain on my way to Lincoln and in my rush to get there I did not stop to take pictures.  I was amazed to see the morning light happen just like it did on trip to Lincoln so I had a second chance to capture the beauty.

 As always my disclaimer is that i can never capture the real beauty that I experience in real life with a camera.  My man purpose is to document the memory as close as I can.  I posted pictures of this scene with my smart phone on Facebook a few days ago, but these images were taken with the big old canon EOS 10D

This was one of those moments that I decided to capture with my camera.  my favorite time of day for taking pictures is about one or two hours just after sunrise or before sunset.  This is when the sun is about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon allowing the lighting to be soft and golden.  There were several spots as I was driving that I wanted to stop and take a picture but I finally decided to stop at this location and just take a shot to document the moment.