I have been struggling with my Linux server as of late.  the problems have been focused on dirty power.  The home that I live in has had some power surges that have whacked the server and I have been struggling to get it back.  I have not had the funds to purchase an adequate UPS to prevent the power issues, so I am working through what I know is a solution.

What i have learned is how to build Linux on a thumb drive on my Asus EccPC that is running Windows 7.  I have a hardware Intel® RAID Controller SRCSATAWB and I am glad that I had to rebuild my server because I was only using 4 of the 6 one terabyte drives.  When I rebuilt it this time I confurged the the array to RAID 6 using 6 drives for three terabytes of space.  the Scientific Linux 6.3 install went directly on the array no problem.