There is an age old argument that continues to rage in the US among dieters.  The issue is that they want to lose weight and deny themselves calories and sweets in order to lose weight.  Some diet plans and food makers offer concepts called cheating. This concept of cheating is riduculas to me.  For one thing consider that everyday that you are breathing above ground is a day that you are cheating death.

So as I was riding into work today zipping along at 18 to 20 MPH on my 17 mile commute I thought about how I was cheating on my  cycling diet. My general response to the question that I get from friends who ask why I like to bike is that I bike for chocolate.  This response is also my general plan for life.  When I burn 1,300 calories on a bike ride to Dawson, GA from my home in Albany, GA I can eat a double Snickers bar in Dawson knowing full well that I’ll burn it off pedaling past the cotton and corn fields on my way home.  Do not cheat on your diet, do not diet, have fun, eat what you want as long as you know that you will burn off the fat making calories before they make you fat.


Dawes did this great song that I heard for the first time this weekend.  He sings about a little bit of everything.  That is what I mean when I say I bike for chocolate.  I ride a little and I eat healthy a little and I eat chocolate a little.  Do everything in moderation.