Every once in a while I get to a point in my life when I know I am in the sweet spot.  The sweet spot is sometimes hard to define, but I know when I am in it.  When I was younger I could only know where the sweet spot was after I was out of it and I was in the middle of tough times and I found myself thinking of better times.  For a while I accepted the fact that I had no control over when or where or how long the sweet spot would last. Now I know that there is a difference between random occurrences and choice.

The sweet spot on a bat is different for every bat so the sweet spot in life is different for all of us.  What is a sweet spot for you could very well be hell on earth for someone close to you in one part of your life. Ideally the sweet spot is an enjoyable zone that does not infringe on anyone’s space in a way that is detrimental to them.

This morning after an enjoyable ride to work a calm rush came over me as I was changing from my riding gear and getting ready to prepare for dressing for work.  I knew that I was in the sweet spot.  Last night I left work right at 5 PM with a goal of riding up into Lee County on a route that I have not been on since last spring 2011.  It is a 22 mile loop from work to my house and it goes through cotton fields and pecan groves.  I wanted to bust out of the inner city commute route and get on the open road.  I wanted to try my single gear training mode on a long country road.  I had a blast.

So this morning I reflected on my 4 weeks of bike commuting and how I have transformed my life to get into the sweet spot zone.  Before taking courses from LandMark Education I thought that my happiness depended on random chance, fate or other people.  Now I know that I can choose and create opportunities and possibilities to give me control over how I engage with the sweet spot.

I have a wonderful wife, work is fun and I love to ride my bike.  I am in the sweet spot.