On Monday October 8, 2012 I hauled my Burley cycle trailer to work  I needed to change out a weeks worth of clothes and did not want to drive my truck to do it.  I have not pulled this Burley this far (12.4 miles) since my two kids were small enough to ride in it.  One is 18 and the other is 23.  When I whine about SW Georgia not having enough hills I will haul the Burley.

There is something that I enjoy when I am hauling a trailer.  I like hauling one on my bike and I like hauling one with my Dodge 3500 Cummins diesel.  One thing I like about my truck is the fact that it has a lot of towing tourque.  I thought about this when I was riding into work towing the Burley, I want to build up my legs so they can power me anywhere.

One amazing feeling that i get when I haul the Burley is the feeling of independence from fossil fuels.  with this trailer I can go grocery shopping and not worry ow i will get my food back to my house.

When I lived in Portland, I use to hang out with a cycle club called Shift 2 Bikes.  They were a fun bunch of folks all focused on bikes.  One project involved moving a person from one apartment to anther entirely with bikes.  they move clothes and furniture all by using human power and some form of pedal power and trailers.

Anyway bike trailers are useful and fun to have.  I kept this one for a long time and i am glad that I am able to put it to use now.