Famous Jane
I finished the may latest drawing.  I started it on September 2, 2010 and finished it on October 1, 2012.  The title is as usual based on some of the music that I have been listening to as I draw. Famous Jane, the low spark of high heeled Ghitas in the Jungle room.  The hyperlinks go to web pages with the lyrics for the songs that inspired my drawing.  Most of the time I am sitting with my drawing and music is flowing into my ears through headphones.  The  music enters my head through my ears, then travels to my brain it sends the feeling from the music into my eyes that then move my fingers to manipulate the color pencils on the drawing board.  The interaction with the music plays a big part in my drawing.

I based this drawing on a photograph that I took of a statue while I was in north Georgia.  I liked the statue and the fact that it was not in good shape.  It has lots of pits and cracks. The statue appears to be an Indian women, but I am not sure if the statue represents a goddess or historical personality.  I like taking inspiration for some of my drawings from real objects that I encounter.  I never attempt to draw reality exactly as this is what photographs are for.  Instead of duplication of the photograph  I allow my brain with the music to bring into reality a new impression of the original object.

I am so inspired when I draw because I never have to worry about staying inside the lines or making my drawings look perfect.  There is always at least one person on this planet that likes my drawing, me.