So today I decided to take a shorter walk before I started running.  I walked 3.26 miles before running and I walked 1.08 miles after running.  I ran the full loop around the main part of the Doublegate Golf course near my house.

I walked 902 miles in the first 6 months of 2012.  I started doing 1 and 2 mile runs at the end of my 5 mile walks during June.  My milage when down for June almost half of my 205 miles that I walked in April.  During June I was laying tile in the kitchen almost every weekend so this may be a factor.

Anyway my goal is to gradually work up to running further and build my endurance back up so that I can run long distances like I was running in Austin.  What is difficult for me is walking knowing that I want to be running.  Trail running uses different muscles than running on pavement.  I am making every effort to protect my fragil knees by walking on pavement and running only on non-paved surfaces.  The closest big stretch of non-paved surface is the golf course.

So today I was excited to start running on the course a little earlier than usual.  It was still dark so I got to use my green LED flashlight for the first mile, then it was light enough to see.  Even though the golf course is flat and has large spaces with grass and no trees, I try to run through the trees as much as possible just to get the feel of being on a trail.  In the trees there are roots and a few holes covered with grass that I still have to watch for.  When it is really dark I just run on the ruff.  It is really cool to run on the course as it is much easier than a trail but it is more exciting than running on a track in a circle.