I have been playing around with the developer’s release of Windows 8 for a few months.  It of course had some issues.  Today I updated to the latest Windows 8 Consumer preview and it is really improved.

I do not have a tablet or touch screen computer, but I can see how nice having one will improve using Windows 8. During the past year I have used an iPad, a NetBook running ChromeOS and Windows 7.  Of all of the operating systems I feel that Windows is still the best for me.  Although the Mac OS is really nice it is only appealing for my daily work because MS Office 2011 finally works and has Outlook.  Having one Operating System (OS) for mobile devices and computers is the holy grail for users.

So maybe my next phone will be running Windows Mobile 8.  Maybe my next personal computer will be a ultra notebook with detachable display that will function as a tablet.  I am going to play close attention to see how Windows 8 improves and I hope it is released for production this year.