For me this is the year of walking. As I approach my 60th birthday I am at the point of conceding that my knees will not longer sustain my desire to run any distance without injury.  I am proud of being able to run a 100 kilometer endurance race in my life.  I wish I had been introduced to trail running earlier in my life, but at least I have fond memories or trail running. Instead of lamenting about not being able to run I have chosen to put my exercise plans towards walking.

Walking at this point in my life is sustainable exercise.  I live in a neighborhood that has lots of quite no and low traffic streets to walk everyday.  When I was at my peak in running I set a goal to run 1,200 miles in one year.  I exceeded that goal.  To my surprise when I look at the reports from my GPS enables watch I am on target to walk that far this year.  When I was running I could not run everyday as I had to have days to recover.  When I walk I can walk everyday as it is a low impact sustainable form of exercise.

I will post some of my walking and running reports for comparison soon. For now I am a happy walker thanks to the encouragement to walk from my wife Sylvia.