I wanted to add a larger hard drive to my computer running Windows Vista.  I had filled up a 250GB drive that was out of space.  I wanted to clone the drive and put the contents on a 1TB drive.  I used Clonezilla to do this.

I downloaded the Clonezilla ISO file and burned it to a CD using a program called Tuxboot.  I inserted my new drive and rebooted the computer from the ISO.  I followed the instructions and 1 hour later I had cloned my drive.

I rebooted my computer on the new drive and I got a Windows error that the drive would not boot and that I should insert the Windows Vista media to fix the error.  I could not find my Vista media at the moment, so I booted from the original drive.  I found that the cloned drive had been written to the 1TB drive with the original partition.  I used Windows disk manager to resize the partition to the full 1TB disk.

When I found my Vista media I rebooted the computer using the cloned drive and fixed the boot error.  Then I rebooted and the new cloned drive worked.

Clonezilla is open source software and it works.