I have to be greatful for having two wireless devices on this flight.  I thought that I could only get 30 minutes of free WiFi for each device. I started on my iPAD and when the service expired after 30 minutes I tried to refresh the web page and it still wanted me to pay.  I do not want to cough up $12 bucks for 4 hours of Internet. The service is too slow for streaming music, but at lease I can get on line and read stuff.  I got my net book out of my bag and started session two.  I am now on session three for free.

Sylvia and I are on our way to visit her brother in Santa Rosa California.  I have never flown this far in an jet before.  This is the biggest jet that I have flown in. As I close in on my 60th birthday I am glad that my brain can still get the wow factor from doing stuff for the first time.

I am writing this blog post on my Asus Eee PC that I hacked the Chrome OS on it.  I really love Chrome OS and I am looking forward to getting my hands on a Samsung Android phone sometime in 2012.

So in the interest of sharing technical information I will tell you how I am able to get more then 30 minutes of free WiFi from eBay.  Every time I get a timeout message I bring up a new web page and type in a different email address that is valid.  The authentication works if the email address is valid.  Of course I am only using email addresses that are mine, but I suppose any valid email address will work since you do not have to read the email to access the wireless network.

I am writing this as the jet is flying over Pueblo, Colorado at 414 MPH ground speed at 28,000 fetet