Well I added a new category to my blog, Blues.  Why did I do this, well I am going to accomplish something that I have always wanted to do, be a DJ at a radio station.  Not sure why I have never actively pursued this passion until now, but I am doing it now.

As a visual artist I have long listend to music as I created art or worked on web sites or other computer projects.  Music has always provided a great back drop for my creativity.  I have also enjoyed attending live music performances.  I wish I could go to more concerts and festivals, but lets say I just love music.

So why be a DJ on a radio station when there is all of these digital streams for music on the Internet?  Well good old fashioned radio is a lost art form.  Listening to a live DJ select music from a music library can expose you to new music.  A good DJ can spin a mood or tell a story just by the playlist that he has selected for the show. I want to bring some of the personal interaction and local flavor to my radio show.  I do not know if I will be a favorite with the listening audience in the Albany area, but I will enjoy playing the blues.