I have started to use RSYNC again to backup servers.  One thing that has been a problem with my initial synchronization of data is the dreaded error,

Connection reset by peer

I believe that I have resolved this time out error by adding the following changes to the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file on the server that is making the connection to a remote host.

ClientAliveInterval 300


The ClientAliveInterval will to send data across the connection every five minutes.

I know that this is not a good method to use for very long.  I will change this to use this method after my initial server copy is complete.

RSYNC server backup run on remote host

For basha.asurams.edu

rsync -avz –delete –progress –exclude=/sys –exclude=/proc –rsh=’ssh -p22222′ root@eoldev2.eoldevsite.com:/ /home/backup/eol/

scp -P 22222 cron/basia-rsync-key.pub root@eoldev2.eoldevsite.com:/root/

For rufus.zaramyth.com

rsync -avz –delete –progress –exclude=/sys –exclude=/proc –rsh=’ssh -p22222′ root@eoldev2.eoldevsite.com:/ /userdata/backup/eol/