I am reading up on all of the new changes in HTML5. I am writing this post on a Fedora 14 bot using Blogilo. Thsi is my first time using a Linux Blogging editor to write a post to my blog.Doing this underscores how Blogging has changed how I work and create content. i started writing this Blog in Texas back in 2003 after resisting using the Internet for social purposes. Now it seems that I use the Internet socially as much as I do for business.So why write about HTML5, well HTML is what got me involved with the Internet way back in early 1990. I started learning HTML with NotePad on a Window$ NT box and later ran an Apache web server and used VI to edit my web site. A lot ahs changed since my early experences with Internet technology. I pretty much started using the Internet when browsers and HTML started back in 1989. It always seems that web browsers were always behind the curve when it came to keeping up with HTML standards. With HTML5 it looks like web browsers ahve finally won a battle. The HTML speck no longer rewuires defining a document type. It seems that the HTML standars commitee has figured out that a web browser can figure out some things on it’s own.I am going to redesign my personal web site and add some of the new features in HTML5. I want to make a page that will work on the new default web page tester, the Apple iPAD.