Fresh Bread

I have finally started making bread, again. I use to make bread from scratch way back when I was cooking at Camp Mozumdar in the San Bernardino mountains in California. My recipes at that time came from the Joy of Cooking. I modified the recipies to include whole wheat flour. I even had a Jewish woman teach me how to make Challah. I remember how much energy it took to knead the dough, especially when you were making more than one loaf at a time. Making bread now days is really easy and any cave man like me can do it.

My wife Sylvia purchased a bread machine a few months ago. I did not know that we had a bread machine until I commented about good bread during a conversation over breakfast while visiting my sister in New Jersey. It was during this conversation that I wished for a bread machine. My wife then informed me that we already had one. She said that it was in the pantry closet. When we got back home I looked in the pantry and sure enough, there it was. I had seen the box previously, but I just thought it was a box of stuff. We have been living out of boxes for several years now that I always assume that a box does not have in side what is labeled on the outside. anyway I was excited that she had purchased a bread machine at half price at big lots.

The bread machine that we have is an Oster BM-1 model CKSTBRTW20. It makes up to a two pound loaf of bread. I really love this little kitchen appliance. I have been using it to make the basic white bread and it always turns out perfect.

Fresh Bread in the pan

Fresh Bread in the pan

I only had one loaf turn out weird. I tried to do a loaf using the delay cooking setting. this did not work because during the winter months we turn our heat down at night. After looking at the loaf the next morning I realized that the yeast was not warm enough to rise in the middle of the night. I will wait until the summer months to bake bread during the night. It will be nice to wake up to a fresh loadf of bread in the morning.

One feature that I have not tried is just letting the bread machine make dough. you can stop the machine right after the bread rises and take it out to make nay pastry. i want to do this to make dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls or even pizza. Having the machine make the yeast dough is the hardest part of baking. If you are not making a lot of dough this bread maker is the perfect size for a home kitchen.

the only thing that I do not like about the bread machine is that when it is in the kneading mode it moves across the counter a little. If you are not careful the bread machine may move to the edge and hit the floor. Placing a towel or some other non-slip surface under the machine during this process will slow this down. I just watch the machine periodically to make sure it is not near the edge during the kneading process.