What a wonderful surprise to be visiting my sister in New Jersey. Today it started snowing and the landscape is all covered in white.  I have not been in snow like this in a long time.  I am also staying in a bead and breakfast (B&B) for the first time.  My wife Sylvia has tried to get me to experience a B&B and I have always refused. Boy was I missing out.

We are staying just about a mile from my sister’s house at the Pillars 2 B&B. The host LaMonte and Nancy are really great.  Tonight Nancy provided us with homemade cookies, homemade marshmallows in hot chocolate.

We have also enjoyed walking around the neighborhood looking at historical homes. Some of the homes are in great shape for their age.  At one time Plainfield was the full of millionaires who worked on Wall Street in New York.  The population has changed over the years but there are still some amazing homes still standing.

Tonight my sister, Deborah, fixed a wonderful dinner and delivered to us in the snow. I am usually such a cynic when it comes to holidays, but this year it seems that there were a lot of things that melted my stone cold heart.