Ala Bindah

Ala Bindah 1980

I completed another drawing last night. I worked on this mostly over the Thanksgiving break when I was in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I decided to take a break from the O Magazine beauty ads and draw something from an old sketch book. The inspiration for this sketch came from a sketch that I drew in December 1980 thirty years ago. The sketchbook is filled with drawings for a cartoon or comic book that I call The Zulu Aqua Mareens (ZAM). Zulu because they are colored purple. Aqua because they are fluid surfers. Mareens because they can do anything.

The story behind the title is what I did with Sylvia when we were up relaxing at Hilton Head.  The Purple Haze reference is to remember the fact that we got sucked into a vacation time share scam.  All of my life I have avoided going to time share presentations. During my visit to Hilton Head my guard was down, hence the Purple Haze reference, and I allowed myself to believe that a time share was a good idea. fortunately we avoided a long commitment and bailed out of the deal. I will never go to another time share dog and pony show again.

Ala Bindah

Ala Bindah 2010

The 30 year old sketch was an inspiration for this drawing so it allowed me to bridge memories of what I was doing way back when and channel it to my present place. I was somewhere between migrating away from the Unification Church and working in a print shop called We Love to Print.  I met Randy Hollar at this print shop.  Randy Hollar was the artist that created the characters for the Fat Albert cartoon. I consider Randy my artistic mentor who taught me print technology and helped me improve my graphic art skills. It was while I was working at this print shop that I started to define the characters for a comic book that I started to conceive when I was attending San diego State College.  The ZAM are a band of hippie surfers. I do not know if I will ever complete the story, but for now I may plan on drawing the characters in color using illustration board and Prisma colors.

One of the most memorable experiences that I had while drawing this picture was when I was at Hilton Head Island. On November 26, 2010 it was a balmy 80 degrees.  I took my drawing board, portfolio and pencils and went to the beach.  I sat for about three house and drank in the sun, sand and sounds of the surf as I drew.  I had not spent time on a beach drawing in a long time.  I use to do it a lot when I lived in San Diego, Venice and Santa Monica California.  This was the most relaxing Thanksgiving in my entire life.