Beyoncé from O Magazine L’Oreal ad

I finished the latest entry into my series of O magazine inspired drawings.  When I was looking through the September 2010 issue I found this picture and you may find this surprising but I selected it for inspiration before I realized who it was.  I sketched out my basic draft on my illustration board, then I read the ad and much to my surprise it turned out to be Beyoncé. As usual after I started to really draw I have not looked at the image since 10/30/2010 when I started the drawing.

Now that I have taken snap shot of my completed drawing you can see how much fun I have making stuff up.  I always have fun drawing and making colors flow into shapes that are curvy and organic.

I titled this drawing Snake Farm Bones Girl because I was watching a lot of Bones episodes on NetFlix and I realized that I was drawing the main character, Bones.  The Snake Farm reference comes from a Ray Wiley Hubbard some of the same name. Check out the skull streaming across the bottom left corner of the drawing.  I also threw in a ball and claw on the bottom right of the drawing.  Sometimes I cannot resist drawing wacky stuff in my drawings.  I love the ability that I have to mix color into fluid shapes that are fun to look at.

Oh My Snake Farm Bones Girl

You will notice a little hint of diamond back cobra in this portrait. You will be happy to know that there is a Snake Farm just off I-35 south of Austin Texas in New Braunfels.

There are always a lot of zones in my drawings. For example there is the hair zone. I put a lot of blue in the hair and I wanted it to be an extension of the robot looking probes that are coming out of her head. The probes, or horns are sweeping architectural shapes that I always include in my work. Sometimes I get lost in what I am drawing but I can always pull back and see the overall shape of the portrait that I am drawing.

If you look at my artwork you will soon notice that I am really into drawing eyes with big eyelashes.  I do not know why I am fascinated with eyes but I like to exaggerate the shape of the eyelashes and eyebrows.  I always keep the iris looking pretty realistic.