I am drawing another portrait.  I started this drawing on October 30 and I have been posting progress on my FaceBook page.  I started with another picture in Oprah’s O magazine for inspiration.  I am doing a series of pictures that are inspired from advertisements in the magazine.

Oh my Little Dragon lady is starting to be the title of this drawing. The series of drawings from the O magazine is Oh my ladies.  It is my style of drawing to give the drawing the power of giving the viewer the calming effect of color as I see it.  I may start with an idea and then see how far down the rabbit hole I go. I want to also reference the Hindu influence that is in my art.  Out of respect for Hindu religious beliefs I am not going to reference it in my art titles, but I am definitely influenced by the art of Hinduism and philosophy of Hinduism.

One of my favorite images is of Ganesha, the god of wisdom, prudence, and salvation.  I discovered this image when I was a teen in southern California.  I was flying between San Diego and Los Angeles flying on Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA).  PSA was a trip in itself, airfare was $13.50 one way. As I walked out of LAX I met a Hare Krishna devotee who was fundrasing.  I gave them a buck and took the book because I loved the artwork.  I remeber at the time that I was staying with my mom and when she came into my room and saw that I had Hindu art all over the wall she was really upset.

When I had the inspiration to draw using O Magazine ads I thought it would be boring, but with this second drawing I am finding it quite liberating to not have to think about how to get started with a blank page and dive right in drawing the portrait.  After I complete a basic sketch using the photo I close the magazine and I do not look at the photo again until I am done.  then I can show my viewers just how far my mind will wonder when I let it.