Instead of complaining about how I use to be able to run, I decided to start running again on March 31, 2010.  After two months of walking and running almost every other day I ran 10 miles last night in 1 hour and 47 minutes.  I finished the last two miles running fast and strong.

I am going to run my first race in Georgia, it is a short 5K race, Loop the Lake. I have not done a 5k race since 2005 when I started running for the second time in my life. So running when it is hot, humid and raining has been an inspiration.

Breaking the barrier of one hour of running without stopping last week gave me the will power to run 10 miles. I have run this far before, so I am not breaking new ground, but it is harder than I thought to remain inspried to run when I know I am not in the best shape.  I am working towards some local short distance runs and I am inspired that after two months of steady running I can run 10 miles.

Training for a marathon in March 2011 or the Rouge Orleans 100 mile run is my motivation for running.  I want to run 60 miles again on or near my 60th birthday in 2012. It would be great to run the Bandera 100k again.

So this blog post is just an update do document my quest to get back to the top of my running. When I start running it is hard to do it.  My right knee still gives me problems.  Sometimes I do not know if it will allow me to make my goal or just force me to stop. I run here in Albany, GA along the Flint River or in the Albany Sand Dunes but sometime my mind drifs away to the trails in Austin along the Barton Creek.  I miss all of my running buddies.  I will hook up with a group of local runners this month so I will not be training alone for long.  Just like two years ago, I wanted to be able to run strong for 20 miles before I started running with other runners.  I am almost ready.