My wife asked me how I felt after one more year on the planet.  I responded to her question with the fact that I do not measure my life, goals and accomplishements by the birthday calendar.  I measure my goals by the calendar year.  Every goal that I have set for myself is based on the calendar year, not by my birthday.

So in my usual fashion, once I make a statement of this is how things are, I ask why?  So I decided to make a birthday based goal.  I already have a goal to run in the Snickers Marathon in Albany Georgia in March 2011.  So on my 60th birthday I will run my second 100k race which is a hare over 62 miles.

So this is a long two year goal. I have done this before so I know it is not impossible.  There is a different twist with this goal in that I do not know where I will run the 100k.  that is the part that I will have fun planning while I am training.