Well I have survived another holiday season and lived to see 2010. 2009 was a year in which I set my sights on financial and fiscal empowerment. I wanted to reduce my credit card debt and increase my salary at day job. I thought about this all year. I put my recreation activities on hold. I stopped trail running, bike riding and drawing so I could focus on reducing my debt and increasing my income. I wanted to do this without selling my truck or trailer.

I am happy to say that I have come a long way to accomplishing these goals. It took 12 months for my goals to start happening.

First, I worked to sell some rural property that I shared with my sister and half-brother. I put the property on the market in August 2009 and a buyer materialized in December. Property is du to close in January 2010. My share from this sale will wipe out my credit card debt.

Second, oil was discovered close to the property. I worked to negotiate a lease agreement with the oil company so that my family can get royalties from the oil.

Third, I was offered a new job in Albany, GA with a 25% increase above my current salary. I am packing right now and plan to move to Albany, GA and live in my fifth wheel with my wife until we find a home.

These goals are not luck or some random occurrence. I created these events by bringing them into reality with my words and actions.

I encourage all of you that read this to create your dreams now by bringing them into reality and living into your future. I did not figure out how to do this on my own. I had some coaching from Landmark Education courses to help me out.