I have been revising my web pages.  The Wormley Design has been re-designed.  I removed the Joomal site which only had one page.  Joomla is over kill for simple sites.  I use Joomla for clients that want to edit their site of for larger community sites.  I have developed a static page site for the Wormley Design site.  

I am putting some simple slide shows on the pages.  The slide shows are being developed in Adobe CS4 Encore. I have stayed away from Flash development on my web pages for some time.  I am getting into Flash development because more clients want it on their sites.  I am still focusing my efforts on W3C compliant pages that are simple and easy to read. Flash slide shows also remove the need to have a gallery or another page with a bunch of images for the casual web site visitor.

I’m going to finish up this weekend and add some slide shows of my artwork to the LauniArt site