Today I had my first work day with my MacBook Pro.  I am writing another Blog about my experience using Mac only tools.  The blog is called iMacFool. My department director and network administrator had a lot of fun with trying to figure out why I was using a Mac.  The department director is a Mac user and he scoffed at me using VMware Fusion to put my virtual machine of my old Windows laptop on my Mac.  The network administrator razzed me as a free thinker that does not process in a lineal fashion.

So in that moment I relized that what I had been waiting fo was truly in my hands.  I wanted to get a MacBook Pro not because I wanted to run the Mac OS only. I wanted a MacBook Pro because I believe Apple Computer has finally got it right, they have harnessed the Intel processor, good industrial design and BSD with the Apple brand.  I have been waiting to come back to a Mac for 10 years.  I ahve waited for a computer to truly keep up with me and do exactly what I want all on one piece of hardware. The MacBook Pro is such a computer.

So am I a Mac fanactic all of a sudden?  Will I start to bash Microsoft products?  No, I’ll do none of the fore mentioned.  I will continue to work with the tools that I choose and solve problems.  I can appreciate how Apple chose to allow a user like myself to run Microsoft software on Apple hardware.  In fact I installed Vista on this Mac and got all of the laptop drivers to work faster than ever before.

So from one desktop run MS Office, Adobe CS4 and PC-BSD.  I have hardware and software that is easy to use so all I have to worry about is creating content and solving problems.  I’m sure that in a year from now thee will be e lot of changes in the computer world. I kept my IBM A21P for over 6 years.  I can only hope that this MacBook Pro will keep me happy for halve that long.

This post will be copied to my iMacFool site even though it was written on my other personal blog Screws in my coffee.