About two weeks ago my last disk died in my RAID5 on my home computer.  I originally built the computer when I lived in Portland Oregon in 2002.  I started out with three Western Digital 80 GB hard drives in a software RAID5 running Mandrake Linux. The first upgrade was a new main board and three 160 GB drives and Windows XP.  I did this upgrade in 2006 and kept the case.  The third upgrade was a new Dual Core main board 1000 watt power supply and Vista.  I kept the three 160 GB drives.  In 2008 two 160gb drives failed and hte last one fialed in January 2009.  When the first two drives failed I replaced them with 500 GB drives.  Drives have become really cheap now days.

Now I am rebuilding the computer again.  I have removed all of the 160 GB drives and two 80 GB drives.  I decided that I want to go back to a Linux OS on the computer and use a virtual computer software to run Windows.  I will use VMware or something else to get Windows Vista to work. I am downloading Ubuntu and I will install it tonight.

Reget does it again. I downloaded desktop by mistake and it took 45 min. I decided to install Reget on the Dell laptop and the same size ISO is going to take 20 min. I am going with Ubuntu 8.10 server because is is based on Debian and is supported by Vmware. Most of the other distributions that VMware supports are the enterprise versions which cost money. I know that I will be hacking and doing custom builds soon, but at least I want to start off with a Linux that has documented support for VMware Server which is what I will be running first. I want to install Windows 7 and see what it looks like.

While I was trying to install Vista on a clean machine (failed 3 times) I wrote down all of the versions of MS operating systems that I have used.

  1. MS-DOS versions 3 to 6
  2. Windows 3.1
  3. Windows for Workgroups
  4. Windows NT
  5. Windows 95
  6. Windows 98
  7. Windows 2000
  8. Windows XP
  9. Windows Vista

The next version of Windows is Windows 7.  I am not sure how MS came up with the number 7. According to my list the next version of Windows is Windows 9.